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The Chanli Yol construction company has completed several projects in construction and decoration in Iran and Georgia. bani hashem project Ajodanie project  


Chanli Yol Company is a provider of services, including construction in Iran and agricultural services in Georgia. The company intends to step by step by attracting investors to its projects in Georgia, in addition to...


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Chanli Yol Engineering Company was founded in 1996 to provide consultation, design services, supervisory and project engineering services for management. The company offers a wide range of engineering services at the request of consumers in compliance with all requirements and standards. Chanli Yol has more than 22 years of experience and several successful projects have been implemented across the country with close communication with its engineers’ group, wide domestic and foreign partners.

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Engineer Aran Torfakh - Civil Engineer - A graduate of civil engineering from Azad University, has a Senior Civil Engineer License - CEO of Chanli...
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