Saguramo paradise

The saguramo paradise villa project is located in the heart of Kuhestano, a massive rainforest of Sãrramo with an amazing view and pleasant air that delights the human soul. An integrated design with nature preserving all the oak trees that do not disturb nature.
This project is located 15 kilometers from Tbilisi to Batumi near the old and historic city of Meskheta, near the Godoyor ski resort. We invite co-sponsors and people interested in investing or participating in this project.

Why invest in Georgia
Considering that the contract between Georgia and the European Union will close to join the EU in the near future. The process of rebuilding and rebuilding old textiles in the cities of this country, including in Tbilisi, is being implemented more quickly. The renovation of the worn out tissue in the city of Tbilisi and other cities in Georgia began a few years ago, but this process has been sluggish as the amount of foreign investment in this country has been very low. One of the most reliable investments in Georgia is investment in the construction and construction industry in the country. In addition to having a short-term return on capital, if it is measured, there will be significant profits for the investor. .
We can provide you with reliable investment advice in order to identify how to invest and get the highest profit in the shortest possible time. To find out about investment opportunities in Georgia, contact Chanly Yol’s experienced consultants so you can choose the most suitable option for investing in Georgia.